The campuses of Nalanda Degree College situated in Labbipet and Bhavanipuram locations are well constructed to the ideal standards. They are located in peaceful environments faraway to the city snarls with spacious rooms furnished with comfortable seating and are well-lit.


Student club is a unique idea to nurture the interests of the students and they may be part of the following clubs.

Silver Tongues Club

One who speaks readily, clearly, and effectively is considered silver-tongued. Eloquent speakers are not born, they are made. Here the opportunity is given to foster their speaking skills. A platform created by the students with the support of the college faculty. The club meets twice in a month to exchange their ideas, stage their talents, performs several activities to foster their skills in communication and meets twice/thrice a month. They exchange their idea, stage their talents and do several activities to keep habits and interests alive. So with the help of this club, we equip our students to excel in the keen competition. We organize events, field trips, tours, industrial visits, seminars and excursions with the above activities. students can showcase their abilities continuously and learn to handle team work and develop leadership qualities


Young Manager's Club

The main objective of this club is to enrich the overall performance of the students in various dimensions like leadership qualities, team-managing qualities, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and management skills. We aimed to train the students in all aspects and to provide work experience along with their graduation to mould them as 'Real Professionals' in their choosen field. Students who would like to become members of this club, they would have the opportunity to participate in many events and activities conducted by our college and other colleges. They will have personality development seminars by HR people from famous organisations.

e-Colors Club

Colour is simply a light of different wavelengths and frequencies and light is just one form of energy that we can actually see that is made up. We are all surrounded by electromagnetic waves of energy of which colour is just a small part.

e-Colors is a dynamic group which consists of intellectuals and professionals of different thoughts and minds. The main aim of this group is to bring out the hidden talent and stive them towards a new world which could enhance the abilities of the people to share their view and ideas.

Mathematics Club

Mathematics club in Nalanda Degree College started in the month of August 2009. The main motto ofthis club is to develop creativity in students on mathematics along with rational thinking.

It also develops logical thinking and positive attitude and leadership qualities, which is the ultimate aim of this club. It gives abudant knowledge in the students regarding traditional mathematics and the applications of mathematics in various walks of life which is helpful to students in their life situations.