Advanced Courses

In Addition to regular classes, we also provide additional training for aspiring students.

Other Competitive Exams Coaching I-CET / CRT

The most sought after higher education now-a-days are MBA, MCA, Graduation can help the student to a certain level.  With a view to provide better education to students, Nalanda provides training for ICET and other Competitive exams  Coaching / CRT not only for in campus students but also to students who don’t belong to the college.  Experienced faculty is committed to the excellence of every student.  Students from either Science or Arts background is suitable to avail this opportunity.  Every student is trained in Analytical skills, Mathematical skills and Communication skills that are the requisites to succeed in these exams.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate is the primary factor that distinguishes human beings from other living beings as well as from one individual to another. Apart from basic necessities, good communication skills became quintessential for a comfortable and successful life.

In order to improve communication skills in the students, Nalanda has implemented communication skills as part of their regular classes. A separate program from basics to advanced levels was designed with the aid of eminent scholars, academicians and industry persons; and it is carried out well by the experienced faculty in the campus. Students are made to  work out on several exercises to improve their written and verbal communication. The classes are given equal importance as the regular classes.

Exclusive classes with latest computers are provided for the language development. All the students are encouraged to participate in JAM sessions, extempore, paper presentation, role plays etc. Voice and Accent Training classes are also provided to eliminate the Mother Tongue influence and enable the student to speak English fluently as native speakers.  Online Practice Tests (MOU with CONDUIRA) helps the students to get equipped to face the campus selection process.

The Communication Skill classes set up and the Audio-Visual sessions coupled with Seminars on key topics by resource persons generate interest in students to mould their career and personality.

Hardware and networking

In Hardware and Networking there are a huge number of courses available in India. The courses offered at different levels are – certification, international Certification, diploma in Hardware & Networking and degree courses. The course duration will vary as per the level of the course. The goal of the Hardware courses is to offer practical knowledge about the hardware and networking Domain so that the students are capable enough to handle real time situations. The top courses in Hardware and Networking field are Red Hat Linux, CISCO Certification, MSCE Certification, UNIX Admin, A+, N+ Certificate courses.


Providing banking product & services through electronic delivery channels.
It deals  with

  • Interval banking
  • Telephone banking
  • Over electronic delivery channel.
  • Like ATM’s credit & debit cards.

Today, the Internet has infiltrated every aspect of life, as exemplified by online entertainment, online shopping, and internet banking and these new technologies have affected and affected people’s  lives in a  number of ways. The fast growth of e-banking may make life easier in some ways; however, it must be considered that there is another side to the issue—it also changes lives and habits in unpredictable ways.


Tourism industry is also labour-intensive and one of the largest source of generation of employment. As a service industry, tourism requires an efficient and professional service-minded people. Thus, to be a part of this industry and to be a successful professional, it requires adequate knowledge, skills and expertise about the functioning, of tourism system and its mechanism.

Analysis of Securities Market

A security is a tradable financial asset. Security refers to all the measures that are taken to protect a place, or to ensure that only people with permission enter it or leave it. They are now under a great deal of pressure to tighten their airport security. A feeling of security is a feeling of being safe and free from worry.